After Visiting Project GROWS:

79% of youth report liking to try new fruits and vegetables.

Students report feeling more valued, and more confident.

88% of students who visit report caring for the environment and nature.

Your Impact

At Project GROWS, we believe that all children deserve a healthy life and future. Each year, Project GROWS cultivates health by connecting more than 5,000 local youth with nourishing food through hands-on gardening and nutrition education. We know that kids who have a hand in growing their own vegetables in the garden LOVE to eat them.

Thank you for your support that is growing a new generation of engaged and healthy youth!

“Great job! My 5th grader has been on a salad kick since the Project GROWS salad bar!”

- Local Parent

“I felt like a farmer when I was there!”
- Student

“Project GROWS changed my mind about eating vegetables.”

- Youth-Run Farm Stand Student (7th Grade)

“I never harvested a vegetable before today. It was amazing!”

- Student

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