Today’s the day! In the interest of continuing our garden-based education virtually during widespread school closures, and to give K-12 students fun outdoor activities that also comply with social distancing recommendations, we are launching a video series! Over the coming weeks, we will use this series to share what’s happening on the Project GROWS farm and in our gardens and invite students to participate online and in their own backyards. Click here to watch Episode 1!

In today’s video, we focus on basic identification of 6 common plants you might be able to find in your yard or on your street. It’s important for gardeners to be able to identify what plants we want to be growing and which plants we do not want to be growing in our gardens. The plants we identify in today’s video are considered to be weeds because they are undesirable in a garden bed; however, weeds often have medicinal, culinary, and/or aesthetic value to offer! After watching, download a copy of the Scavenger Hunt in English or Spanish that goes along with this video and see if you can find all 6 plants in your neighborhood! You can also watch our follow-up video where Laura does the Scavenger Hunt at the Project GROWS farm.

CAUTION: Please check with an adult before venturing outside, and although we do talk about which of these plants are edible, definitely be sure to check with an adult before you taste any of these plants! As we do in the video, remember to keep a six foot distance from others. And wash your hands when you return inside.

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