A FEASTival to remember


The first visitor to the farmer photo booth took one look at the watering can and decided it was not just a prop.


One party guest was quite a help!

“I want to do something else. I want to water something!” he said, holding the can purposefully in his four-year-old grasp. So together we filled the can and watered the pansies that had been newly transplanted that morning in preparation for this year’s harvest party.

We are happy to report that our second annual FEASTival harvest party was a success! The day was brisk and windy, but the sun shone, the soup was hot and the tent was filled with lively music, people and Berenstain Bears books. The farm even cooperated, despite a hard frost the night before, and our rows of cold-tolerant vegetables displayed their varied colors.


Future farmers dig in the dirt in front of our new walk-in cooler!

We estimate that close to 300 people came out to the farm. Our friends from Parks and Recreation entertained kids with games and a well-placed dirt pile. Mike Berenstain, current author of the Berenstain Bears series was signing books. Children gathered around for a reading of Berenstain Bears: Down on the Farm and then for a tour of the Project GROWS farm.


Volunteer Mary Beth helps serve root vegetable soup

And the food! A sausage kale soup made by Chef Laura from all local ingredients bubbled away all day in a cauldron over a warm fire. That, paired with cornbread, fennel coleslaw and homemade pickles made for a delicious and filling meal. We had music from local bands Namaste Rangers, The Ritter Brothers and Jonjo.

The FEASTival was really a testament to teamwork and community. Our enthusiastic volunteers made the event go very smoothly, and we packed up everything at the end of the day before the last winter light left the sky.

FEASTival was a happy example of what Project GROWS is all about- bringing community together to celebrate food and the hands and earth it comes from. Thank you to all the community that came out and have supported us in your many ways this year! It is, after all, your farm too!



Thanks to our awesome board members and volunteers!